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Business Connectivity Engine

Benefits of Acuity BCE

  • 1 - Line of Business Data is stored in different datasets and structures. Often, to complete a dataset requires the aggregation of data from these systems.
  • 2 - Through the use of Acuity Entities, you are able to aggregate the datasets into a common, consumable format.
  • 3 - The BCE Admin Service is installed in your environment with your Data Plugin. The BCE Admin Service is configured to securely communicate in real time to the BCE Web Portal.
  • 4 - The BCE Web Portal allows you to manage your Acuity Entities and BCE Services. Monitoring the Health, Traffic and Load of the Service. We also help to take care of your security needs as we monitor the requests for datasets.
  • 5 - All Acuity Entities that are available that are being published will appear in the Portal. Entities can be Open or Closed. Open Entities can be queried by anyone with the published URL (e.g. https://acme.acuity.services/entities/) Closed Entities require the users needing authentication.
  • 6 - Consumers query and search through the Entities in Real time.
  • 7 - Consumer Queries will pass through Acuity BCE and if allowed, will have access to data in real time that remains securely stored in your environment.
  • 8 - 3rd Party Systems are also able to consume the data.

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